The Albino Chameleon

My hobbies include drinking wine, eating cheese
and patting dogs. A humorous and inspiring excursion into that dreaded question: “Tell me about yourself?”

Building the story of you

I prepare job seekers every day for the variety of questions and tests they will face during the recruitment process. That’s my job, and I love it. People are interesting – full stop.

The weird thing is, they come at me with very very similar issues, no matter the role they are applying for. It boils down to a version of the same thing;

“What do I have to offer?” 


“Tell me about yourself?”

But it’s not just work where this question comes into play. Let’s think about it, it applies to going on a date or joining a sports group, in every aspect of life it seems as if we are, all of us, attempting to fit in and stand out at the same.

Knowing what you have to offer and how to talk about yourself takes self-knowledge and confidence.

But how do you project those things? I hear you say.

In marketing terms, we will delve into your brand and what defines you, but don’t expect some dry old business book.

The Albino Chameleon attempts to resolve this dilemma by providing ideas, inspiring stories and other stuff to throw a little light on what each of us as individuals, have to offer. Along the way we share snippets from people just like you who have gone on to become entrepreneurs, fashion designers, recruiters, artists and globe trotting mums.

What’s with the name?

You may be thinking are Albino Chameleons real? The answer is yes. They are one of the top 10 most rare animals in the world, according to Google.

A Chameleon is best known for its superlative camouflage powers. It’s colour changing abilities allow it to blend in with any environment. They are the ultimate fraudsters, adjusting with superlative ease to any environment.

The Albino Chameleon however, remains bright white regardless of his surroundings.

He is the perfect mascot and inspiration behind this book. The Albino Chameleon is incapable of lying and can only be himself. In the end, that is what makes him the most valuable.

About the author

Kirsty Ferguson

19 years into running my interview coaching business, I’ve published a multitude of Career Workbooks, written hundreds of blogs on life, love and career and reached Expert Status on Linkedin.

You forget what you have done but when I think about it I’ve coached in over 15 countries and our clients range from Bankers to Pilots, Doctors and the Military – and yes that includes the top guns of this world.

I’ve had my comments and insights published in Marie Claire Magazine, and Reuter and anywhere in between. Way back in 2005 I was privileged to be part of a winning recruitment team at the Telstra Business Awards. 

I’ve been helping people from all walks of life be inspired, gain confidence and go for success for a while now.

That’s where The Albino Chameleon comes in, having collected a bunch of data on what people are most concerned about I could see a pattern common to most of us. So, I have rounded that up and packaged into this book.

I hope you enjoy it!

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